Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Restaurant Discovery: Tipsy Pig

It has been a while since I saw a photo of the frequently Instagrammed Beer Can Chicken. Ever since I saw it, I thought to myself, “I have to try that ASAP.” Yes, that’s pretty much how my brain works when I see interesting food. Luckily, J was free and interested to try it too so off we go! (And we both failed to realize it was White/Pi/Pie Day!)
It was a long day for me as I tried to finish my pre-employment requirements. (I managed to make a friend while in line for NBI clearance and he thought I was born and raised in China and he asked if there’s such thing as NBI clearance there.) Luckily, I finished before 5 p.m. and got to Capitol Commons just in time for dinner.

The place was still pretty empty when we got there but most tables were reserved. So we were forced to dine al fresco. But after finding out that we could dine inside but leave at 9 p.m. as every single table was reserved, we took the chance as the summer heat and smoke was too much. 
J has his heart and tummy set on the Belly Good Sisig Tacos (PHP280) while I chose the Zuppa Di Tomate (PHP150) and Beer Can Chicken (PHP750). The server said that the chicken is good for three people and since J and I love to eat, it wasn’t a problem to finish it. We also ordered a few drinks, beers for J (which were not really to his liking) and I had one of the house cocktails called Quite a Patty (PHP225/glass).

The service was rather quick but not in order. The first one to arrive was the Beer Can Chicken, which to our surprise was a tad too small for it to be good for three people. After taking pictures of the star of the night, they asked if we would like to have them chop the chicken for us. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Restaurant Discovery: Poetry & Prose Patisserie

I just love tea. (Okay, I love coffee more but I chose to give that up this lent.) Combine it with a new tea place and I'm practically someone you could easily drag. Add a bit of movie talk and I'll definitely be there. And that's the reason why I got to try Poetry & Prose Patisserie.
Why hello there, Poetry & Prose Patisserie.

F was already inside when I arrived and I felt so guilty for being 30 minutes late (but I had a good reason, I swear!). The place was pretty small and could sit around 15 to 20 people max. The server was pretty attentive as she gave me a menu as soon as I sat down. 

I haven't had lunch yet when I arrived so I went for something filling.  I got the Eggs Benedict (PHP355) and a pot of Jasmine Tea (PHP125). F ordered a salad with honey mustard dressing. (Yes, that made me feel a tad guilty ordering something heavier.)
Since there were only a few customers, service was pretty quick. I got my tea in less than 10 minutes (well, it was just a tea bag and water) and my dish arrived in less than 15 minutes. F's salad arrived at the same time as my Eggs Benedict.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Restaurant Discovery: Boqueria

When you get older, it's so hard to schedule a regular lunch date with your friends. There will always be someone who would be busy, someone who has to cancel last minute, and someone who's too in love to meet the friends. But when we do meet, we talk like there's no tomorrow with a few breaks to chew our food. I'm usually the resident PRO so I schedule the meet ups and this time, we decided to block March 8 and explore the Fashion Hall of SM Megamall.
Since we didn't decide on where to eat, I took the liberty to decide for us. I've been targeting Boqueria for quite some time but my mom wanted burger (thus a trip to 8 Cuts) during my first trip to the new hall and I saw a new Japanese place (Osaka Ohsho) the second time I went. So, third time's the charm I guess. ;)
The place wasn't packed when I arrived and managed to get a table right away. They seem to have a shortage with menus though as the server asked if he could borrow my menu for a while. He returned it in less than 5 minutes though. 
I browsed the menu long enough to make me look less of a loner and decided to get the following: Pulpo a la Gallega (PHP280), Salpicon de Mariscon (PHP198), Cocido de Madrilena (I forgot to take note of the price), and a glass of Apple Iced Tea.
Since I was already hungry, I started getting a few bites off the appetizers but I try to spread the food to make it less obvious. The baby octopus was delicious! It wasn't as chewy as squid and I just love munching it. One order is good for two but I can finish it myself. (It's the glutton me talking here.)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Love at First Bite: BBQ Chicken

(Continuation of the Hunger Games day) Archery sure is a tiring activity. Our arms were stretched out and we were hungry. We were planning to go to Brotzeit for some sausages but something else caught the eyes of T and K while we were at Pearl Drive... a small Chimek (Chicken and Mekju [beer]) place. We just had a Korean dinner a night ago but that didn't stop us to check the place out.

Hello, BBQ Chicken!
The place was empty when we arrived. T guessed that perhaps they do better with deliveries than dine-in as the delivery guy comes and goes the whole time we were there.

We were torn between Spicy Chicken and Rice Syrup Chicken (both PHP320) but the server told us that the Rice Syrup tastes better so we chose the latter. We also ordered Spicy Dduk-Bokki (PHP220) and Cream Chicken Pasta (PHP255). Then we all ordered a glass of beer for a chimek restaurant experience but I also ordered a can of cola (as I really am not fond of beer).

Service was pretty quick as our orders arrived in less than 15 minutes.
We were glad that we were given an option to have the chicken deboned so that eating it will be less messy as it was covered in sauce (think Bon Chon). 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Restaurant Discovery: Black Olive Cerveceria

Funny how when you get older, birthdays seem to be less and less of a special day. But one thing I still want on my special day is a cake and a meal, may it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, outside. However, I had prior engagement with a company from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (though I have 12 noon to 2 p.m. as my lunch break). Given that I have never been to Capitol Commons, that was our first option for my birthday lunch.

Hello Black Olive Cerveceria!
The place hardly had customers when we arrived. Well, it was a Wednesday and lunch time so it was pretty much expected.
Since I was in a hurry to finish lunch, we ordered right away. What caught my eye was the Porchetta with Rosemary Roast Potato and Caponata (PHP490) while my mom went for the Grilled Italian Sausage with Roast Garlic Mashed Potato and Pepperonata (PHP390). We also ordered a bowl of Bell Pepper and Tomato Soup with Basil Pesto (PHP220) and Vanilla Pannacotta with Balsamic-marinated Strawberries (PHP220).
While waiting, we were served with a complimentary basket of bread with dip. My mom enjoyed the freshly baked bread and ended up finishing it herself.
Next served was the soup which was served on a huge bowl. It was slightly spicy and I find it rather thick as an appetizer. It was very creamy and the tomato taste was pretty strong (which I love). However, I'd rather go with a slightly lighter appetizer.
The sausage arrived next and my mom loved it as it was not overly processed so it had more texture and it was juicy too. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Archery 101: Gandiva Café and Archery Range

I am a big fan of The Hunger Games and I fell in love with Jennifer Lawrence when she portrayed Katniss way better than I have imagined. (Oh and as a LOTR fan, I get googly eyes whenever I see Legolas and his oh so smooth long blonde hair.) And just like about more than half of the girls who watched the movie, I wanted to throw some arrows and be just like Katniss Everdeen. Luckily, two of my friends were feeling adventurous and wanted to try archery too. So off to Gandiva Café and Archery Range.
Okay, it wasn't exactly my first time to visit Gandiva. My first time was with T1 and T2 but given that we're collectively named T3 (The Takaw Trio), we just ate. This time around though, it was time to unleash the Katniss/Legolas in me.
We had to sign a waiver and pay PHP980 (which covers the use of equipment and instructor's fee) before we could enter the archery range. (Note: You have to call to reserve your slots and you also have to be there 15 minutes before your schedule.) 

When we got in, we were given arm protectors and fanny bags for our 4 arrows. Then we can choose which bow we want.
First 5 to 10 minutes is for short briefing such as right stance, where our hands and arms should be and basically how to shoot an arrow. (To make it short, we need to have one foot behind the shooting line while in a parallel stance then we have to stretch one arm straight while the other arm/hand tugging the string and the hand should be right below the chin with the elbow pointing up then... let go of the string with the arrow.)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Restaurant Discovery: Epicurious Manila

Grumpy tummies. I was with two ladies with grumpy tummies. Yes, I'm talking about my mom's and sister's. They insisted that we eat somewhere we've been before but I was persistent that we try something new. The problem though is that I have been to most restaurants in Shangri-La and we're running out of options until I discovered... Epicurious Manila!
 At first, I thought Epicuious Manila was just a deli shop. Okay, it is a deli shop and a restaurant in one but I was confused with how to order as I didn't see the sign right away. And when I did, I was looking where I could get order slips.
Apparently, all you have to do is approach one of the crew members and tell them what you want from the chillers. They could also cook the meat and fish for you if you want though it will be served as is so you need to add a bit more for side dishes.
Now that we somehow get it, we finally got to order, the deli shop way. I asked for the following: Australian Pasta Salad (PHP250), Mac 'N Cheese (PHP250), Mushroom Soup (I forgot to note the price), Marble Potato Salad (PHP160), Salmon with Mashed Potato on the side (starting price was PHP380) and we also ordered two bottles of Phoenix New Zealand organic drinks--Apple Pear and Apple Pomegranate (PHP120 each).