Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Filipino Classic: Lydia's Lechon

Lechon has always been one of the highlights of any festive celebration. We’ve seen it in big events such as fiestas, Christmas gatherings and well… Cebu. I must admit, I already had my fair share of crispy suckling pig but it’s just so hard to resist it when it’s right in front of you begging to be loved or indulged. Screw cholesterol! Let’s YOLO. Okay, using that term might have just revealed that I’m no longer young. Lame lines aside, The Foodie Station tickled my tastebuds once again by inviting me to its foodie eat up at one of Manila’s classics… Lydia’s Lechon. 

Hello, Lydia’s Lechon!
A well-known brand that has been around for over 51 years, Lydia’s Lechon continues to make gatherings, big or small, extra special with its famous roasted pig. But unknown to many, Lydia’s offer more than just lechon. In fact, it serves other dishes that you wouldn’t associate with lechon

Monday, January 16, 2017

Love at First Bite: Choi Garden

I have been crazy for Chinese food ever since I’ve been with R. It’s hard not to fall in love with the centuries old cuisine especially when R’s family loves to go to the best Chinese restaurants in town. My tastebuds got spoiled and there’s no turning back. And just when I thought I’ve had the best peking duck, another restaurant made me think otherwise. And this “other” restaurant made me regret all the years of me ignoring it. 

Hello, Choi Garden

I always pass by this huge restaurant with red facade whenever I drop by Greenhills. A popular dining option for the Chinese community, this place gets really packed during dinner time and the day I went was no exception. 
It was R’s parents’ wedding anniversary dinner and they ordered a bunch of special dishes for us to feast on. While waiting for them, I was given some nuts, water and hot tea which I almost finished as I was super hungry. I also ended up eating more than I should as there was nothing else to do. My phone's signal was weak and they do not have wifi. It was just me and the peanuts. Well, it was mostly plate when R and his family arrived. 
They all arrived a bit before 7 pm and after a few minutes, a majestic boat filled with two huge Chilled Australian Abalone was served.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Archery 101: Arrowland by Gandiva

One thing I do not like about Manila is the lack of fun activities one can do in the city. Unlike other places like New York, Seoul and the like, we do not have parks, easily accessible mountains, or even spacious and well maintained zoos to spice things up and avoid mundane activities such as shopping and watching movies. Don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy shopping and catching the latest blockbuster but there are times when I crave for adventure or simply do something different. And I found the solution when I stumbled upon Gandiva in Ortigas. I had a blast firing arrow after arrow but I didn’t like the heavy price I had to pay for an hour of fun. Thankfully, Gandiva heard my prayers and created Arrowland.

Hello, Arrowland by Gandiva
I’m sure you’re wondering what makes this different from Gandiva. It’s also an archery place with pretty much the same set up as Gandiva which just happens to be located inside the always busy and packed SM Megamall
The venue alone already serves as a clue on what differentiates Arrowland from Gandiva. It made archery a lot more affordable and accessible to everyone interested to try being Katniss or Hawkeye by offering this action-packed activity in sachet-like packages.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

First Bite: Warung Kapitolyo

I hardly frequent Kapitolyo these past months but when I do, I always notice the numerous cars parked in front of Warung, an Indonesian restaurant that opened a several months back. It sure made me curious as the place seemed to be packed every lunch and dinner. But I’m always hungry whenever I visit Kapitolyo and I lack the patience to wait for a table. Luckily, I passed by this place again around 2 pm on a weekday and my mom and I had the place all to ourselves! 

Hello, Warung Kapitolyo!
This restaurant seems to be an old house converted into a spacious and well-designed restaurant. Upon entering the dining hall, I noticed the beautiful dangling lighting fixtures and wooden window panes that made the frustrated interior designer in me jump with glee.
I’m not exactly familiar with Indonesian cuisine but the overlap of Asian dishes made me feel comfortable with ordering Sate Ayam (PHP195), Ikan Pepes (PHP210), Nasi Goreng (PHP185) and Soto Ayam (PHP190). For drinks, I got Cucumer Shake (PHP95) while my mom ordered Coconut Shake (PHP95).
First served were our drinks which were perfect thirst quenchers! 
I loved that our drinks were not that sweet and were very refreshing to combat the intense afternoon heat.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Kitchen Adventure: Suy Foods' Longganisa and Tocino for Brunch

Those who say “never skip breakfast” are wise. Why skip an awesome meal? I try to squeeze in a bite or two even when I’m at my busiest state because breakfast is love. And when I do have the time to indulge in some sunny side up eggs, sausages and the works, I spoil myself with only the best. I have to admit though, I got used to eating out due to convenience. But last Sunday was a different story. I finally got to spend some time at home. And what better way to spend morning than to whip up your own brunch?
It felt like it has been months since I last cooked my own meal. Due to the crazy ber months, I often find myself dining out to save time (not money). Holding a pan and knife seemed a bit foreign to me till I opened my fridge and saw my Filipino favorites.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Love at First Sip: Toby's Estate Chai Chocolate

Toby’s Estate is one of my favorite coffee shops in the metro. I love that its coffee is not overly bitter and that its hot mocha is a taste of heaven. With a bunch of drinks to choose from, I usually stick with my usuals—flat white and mocha. That was till I had chai addiction. I always end up ordering anything with chai. And when I spotted it on Toby’s Estate’s menu board, I had to order it. 

Hello, Toby’s Estate!
It was my first time to visit its branch at Shangri-La, Fort and just like its other cafés, it has really nice interiors. It was also quiet there making it a nice place to catch up with friends.
I spotted Chai Chocolate (PHP160) and was convinced to get that despite possibly ruining my appetite for dinner. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Restaurant Love: Barcino Wine Resto Bar

Barcino has been around for a few years now yet I still remember its launch years back where I was still new with food blogging. I guess it is hard to forget such a fantastic dining experience and being in the awesome company of top foodies and wine connoisseurs. Hence it was such a treat to have my first 2017 date with R at what I consider one of the best tapas restaurants in town. 

Hello, Barcino!
We were warmly greeted by the front hostess upon entering its Forbes Town branch and were quickly ushered to our table near the bar.